Wonder Woman + Sailor Moon: “Under the Eye of Planet X” – Chapter 4

Claws rang against Wonder Woman’s indestructible bracelets like a bell starting a title bout. Amazon and chimera grappled in a show of strength that cracked the earth beneath their feet. A putrid stink roared from the mutant’s jowls, but Diana of Themyscira did not waver.

“Sailor Moon!” she cried. “Get to safety! Now!”

But the heroine was frozen. She had to do more than run. How could she abandon an ally? She balled her fists, fighting to tear away. A part of her would love to hide, and cry, but her heart knew different.

But this was Wonder Woman asking! She was the real hero; smarter, faster, stronger in every sense. So why couldn’t Usagi just listen to her?

Planet X shimmered like a mirage, radiating discord on a cosmic scale. It emerged from the corners of the void more mysteriously than its intent, whether or not it was conscious. An ill wind blew, as though the elements themselves were attempting to flee. Continue reading “Wonder Woman + Sailor Moon: “Under the Eye of Planet X” – Chapter 4″

Fang Force #38 – “Bad Blood: The New Faces of Evil” (Part 2)

It was by no means a novel sight, but no matter how many times she saw it, Lindsay couldn’t help but wonder, ‘how can he sleep like that?’ 

On this occasion Drake was on the sofa, balanced precariously on its back like a much smaller creature. She watched the vampire slumber, face rested on his hands, and feet folded to keep from falling. It was like something a child would do!

So fascinated was Lindsay that she did not register Vincent creeping behind her.

“It’s the ‘cat’ familiar that gives him the power to sleep anywhere.”

Lindsay clasped her chest to keep her heart from leaping out. “Give a girl a little warning next time!”

Drake stirred, but only slightly. He could sleep through most things. Continue reading “Fang Force #38 – “Bad Blood: The New Faces of Evil” (Part 2)”

Wonder Woman + Sailor Moon: “Under the Eye of Planet X” – Chapter 3

There was a time – only minutes before, in fact – when Usagi’s biggest problems involved a low test score in English class. Oh, how she longed for so mild a struggle!

She sprinted down the hallway, driven by the flying beasts nipping at their heels. What were these things? And what did they want?

But there was no time for questions; not if she wanted to make it out in one piece!

Usagi jerked around a corner and vaulted down the stairwell. The part-bird, part-man, part-demon creatures broke away from the pursuit of her classmates, and concentrated their efforts on her.


Usagi cried. “I don’t want to be some bird-brain’s lunch meat!”

For every step she made they gained by two. Time was running short. Usagi wouldn’t even make the door! Continue reading “Wonder Woman + Sailor Moon: “Under the Eye of Planet X” – Chapter 3″

Fang Force #37 – “Bad Blood: The New Faces of Evil” (Part 1)

Perhaps it was inevitable, Fantom thought, that in a world without Queen Lacuna to divide them, his blade would inevitably find his step-father’s back. Abandon surged through his body. He raised the scimitar high, pausing to steady his hand – the final moment before changing his fate.

Steel landed with a wet squelch, buried in the flesh of the shadow conqueror. But alas, it was not the intended neck that met his blade.

Lord Nihilex pressed against the weapon wedged in his palm, and with the single eye pulsing turned to his betrayer. The tentacles of his beard flailed. He pried from his knees and seethed, otherwise unfazed by the wound.

“You don’t know how I’ve waited for this day,” Lord Nihilex said. “Always so single minded, so jealous. It was a mistake to think we could share a Queen, no matter how much we love her.”

Fantom pressed for all his fury. The blade ran only a few inches further down the despot’s hand before it stopped. He could drive the sword no further. Continue reading “Fang Force #37 – “Bad Blood: The New Faces of Evil” (Part 1)”

Wonder Woman + Sailor Moon: “Under the Eye of Planet X” – Chapter 2

Rei was far from the top student in her class, but she wasn’t a slacker, either. She scored average to above in most subjects, always turned in homework on time, and boasted a near-perfect attendance record; which was why it was strange that at eight fifteen on a weekday she was not at school, but at the Hikawa Shrine, where she served as a trainee priestess.

She raced to the temple, kicked away her shoes at the entrance and, still in her school uniform, made her way to the altar. 

It was there she found Yuichiro, the scruffy haired apprentice, still lighting incense as part of his own ritual. Rei ignored him and his surprise, and threw herself into prayer.

“Hey, uh, Rei? Shouldn’t you be in school?”

The girl did not deign to answer. Time was precious, and a wave of malevolence was mounting the likes of which she’d never felt. If that weren’t reason enough to cut class, then what was? Continue reading “Wonder Woman + Sailor Moon: “Under the Eye of Planet X” – Chapter 2″

Wonder Woman + Sailor Moon: “Under the Eye of Planet X” – Chapter 1

It was a dream more vivid than most, filled with the sense of a place; musty and dark, warm and confined. The weight of the earth above was bereft of forgiveness, and had to be so. Not even the amazons – she knew them to be amazons – though noble their intent, were granted quarter in this oppressive chamber; the cost of freedom being too great for mortals to bear.

Two by two, they lined the cavern leading to the gates, and watched without blinking. The smell was more pungent here, almost rank, acrid, like spoiled eggs, enough to turn most stomachs. But the warriors did not flinch. They were resolute, and chiseled like the pillars along the confines of the cave.

Behind the doors stood flame and torment. Its name all but hissed at them through the cracks; ‘Tartarus’ – home of the wretched, plunging as far beneath the ground as Olympus reached high. It was there that the wicked tasted the fruits of their deeds a thousand times over, and from which a few, irrepressible spirits sometimes returned, dragging damnation with them.

After a millenia, one such spirit was on the cusp of freedom. A cosmic sickness called to her, and would not be denied. Continue reading “Wonder Woman + Sailor Moon: “Under the Eye of Planet X” – Chapter 1″

NEW: Wonder Woman + Sailor Moon

Hi friends,

Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t, but a brand new banner has appeared on the fan fiction page.

I’ve been sitting on this project for a few months, but now it’s ready to meet the world – all twelve parts, starting this Wednesday.

That’s right! Wonder Woman and Sailor Moon! Together at last!

You’d think there’d be a ton of stories about these two on the internet, but I’ve only found a handful – and only one in the action/adventure genre.

“Under the Eye of Planet X” follows Usagi’s first meeting with the amazon princess, and all the complications following an ancient evil that binds their lineage.

Since I don’t own the copyright for either character, I won’t be charged per post on my Patreon. However, friends are encouraged to become patrons regardless, because a writer’s got to eat.

Hope you’re all as excited as I am!

Love and laughs,
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Fang Force #36 – “Hero’s Essence: Lindsay’s Fight for Life” (Part 6)

A hundred families had prepared eulogies for the ones they’d lost. Despite the horrors that beset Crescent Valley these past months, none struck so deep as the tragedy of Oldtown Junction. History would tell of the dark day when Fang Force failed in their duty.

However, it was also a time of miracles, and history was not yet written.

A little boy clung to a statue and screamed as the men in uniform took her into the back of a van. ‘For safekeeping,’ they told him; ‘we’ll keep her safe’, as though any assurance could be enough. Nothing could soothe the vision of a mother’s leaving, save perhaps her return. Though even a child, for all the wonder they held, knew how likely that was.

The fighting in the distance stopped, and the tremors stilled. Fang Force stood victorious; they didn’t need a TV or radio to be sure. On any other day it would be a cause for celebration.

Then something peculiar happened. The air became warm, and so did the surface of the statue. Throughout the vehicle, grey faded into pinks, browns, and creams of all shades and tints. The workmen were careful not to leap back as the stone in their fingers turned soft, and once rigid figures began to move. Continue reading “Fang Force #36 – “Hero’s Essence: Lindsay’s Fight for Life” (Part 6)”

Fang Force #35 – “Hero’s Essence: Lindsay’s Fight for Life” (Part 5)

Restored to full strength and beyond, Qimos moved across Crescent Valley with steps as long as city blocks. His stringy digits lashed at the masonry, tearing through the face of buildings. The void’s chill radiated from him, frosting the windows, and biting the unfortunates who landed in his path.

From his renewed proboscis he spat needles like iron girders. They shot into the street, and turned up the pavement. Pitiful creatures ran outside to avoid the collapse of their refuges, and those on the street fled for cover. Nowhere was safe!

Take him from all sides!” Blue Fang barked through the comms.

The familiars charged from every corner of the intersection, running and scuttling, and pounced. Yellow Beetle charged at the feet, Blue Wolf the legs, Pink Spider latched to its back, and Green Mountain Lion struck from head on. Their combined force was sure to bring the enemy down, if only they could only land a blow.

Qimos sprang into the air, leaving the machines victim to their own momentum. They crashed onto asphalt and tore up the streets. It hardly seemed worth the effort destroying the city when Fang Force was doing it for him! Continue reading “Fang Force #35 – “Hero’s Essence: Lindsay’s Fight for Life” (Part 5)”

Fang Force #34 – “Hero’s Essence: Lindsay’s Fight for Life” (Part 4)

Uncertainty permeated the streets of Oldtown Junction. Friends, family and loved ones stood transformed from flesh into stone. Were they really gone, or was there still some trace of humanity tucked away beneath? With strange things always happening around them it was difficult to say.

Volunteers wrapped the statues in padding and loaded them onto trucks. Bystanders watched from the barricade, crying when someone they knew was carried away. It was like losing them all over again.

“It’s not safe for them here,” the officials told them. They weren’t game to dash their hopes, no matter how unlikely a restoration seemed.

On an already dark day, Qimos returned to wreak more havoc. He was not alone, and led a horde of freaklings through the populace. The creatures spread in a devastating circle, prompting screams from the humans as they ran. 

For a being born in the land of nightmares, there was no sweeter melody.

“Flee if you must, but it will do you no good,” Qimos mused. “When the floodgates open, and the Abyssal Realm swarms your Earth, your lives will be ours to toy with!”

None stopped to listen, but it mattered little. Continue reading “Fang Force #34 – “Hero’s Essence: Lindsay’s Fight for Life” (Part 4)”