Miranda Sparks is a web author, radio presenter, and podcast producer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Here are some Miranda facts:

She’s ridiculously into superheroes, and feels powerful when she wears knickers over her tights. (They also work to keep tights from slipping.)

She’s passionate about mental health, and lives shamelessly with Bipolar Disorder II, ADHD, depression and anxiety, which with care and consideration are not a hindrance… most of the time.

Yes, she’s transgender; yes, she knows she has a deep voice, and yes, she knows what some of you think about that, and frankly, she doesn’t care.

She’s passionate about people, and though it may be naive, aspires to believe in the goodness of others, encouraging folks toward being their best selves.

On Wednesday nights you can hear Miranda as part of The Gender Agenda, and some Saturdays on Geeks OUT on Joy 94.9.

You can enjoy the rest of her work on this website, and, if you’d like, send her some fanmail. It’s always appreciated.