DC Omega: Wonder Woman #7 – ‘The Path of Warriors’ (Part 1)

Friends, I’ve been a very naughty girl.

Between issues of Glimmer Girl I’ve been writing fan fiction: specifically a monthly Wonder Woman title as part of a fan site, DC Omega.

You should absolutely head over, enjoy the series, and NOT contribute to my Patreon. Why? Because the characters don’t belong to me, and it would be wrong to profit from it. This is just for fun!

Please enjoy.

* * * *

For Diana, former Princess of the Amazons, the appraisal of others had long been custom. As a child, the only of her kind among grown women, her mere existence attracted the attention of sister and stranger alike. They watched with a vested interest as she grew from a babe to a girl, and to a young woman. So familiar was she with their interest that it fell from her notice; at least until she locked eyes with a shy voyeur.

She smiled a friendly smile, as did the young man who averted his gaze. To be regarded by an unfamiliar sex remained a novelty. Though time would surely dull that notion, Diana remained certain of surprises yet to come, for good and for ill.

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2 thoughts on “DC Omega: Wonder Woman #7 – ‘The Path of Warriors’ (Part 1)”

  1. The best days are the ones where I stumble over something I had no idea I was missing from my life, and I can add today to the list.

    Hello. I’m the random person who once wrote under the name Meriades, and I’ve just spent a wonderful hour reading your three chapters of the Wonder Woman continuation.

    I really hope you don’t have a shortage of people telling you what an incredible writer you are, but just in case: you are, indeed, incredible. Beautiful, clean prose. Distinct characterisation. Lovely, fluid action and descriptive verve. Perfect pacing. And a true love for the characters and setting you’ve immersed yourself in.

    I love how you’ve brought both Diana and Asteria to life. My favourite scene so far is Asteria’s emergence and encounter with Ettahcandei and the Argonauts, though the relocation and building tension in Montana is also superb.

    Wandering these old paths of the internet for the first time in years, I had no idea anyone would have picked up this series, and then exploded it so dramatically. It’s been a pleasure to read, and I’m really looking forward to chapter four and also reading through some more of your work.

    Lovely stuff. Sorry I left you with so little to work with, but you have taken kernels and popped the most delicious corn. Applause!

    1. I don’t know what to say. It’s been a pleasure and a delight to pick up where you left off.

      I don’t feel you left me with little work with at all. You’ve set the mood for the character wonderfully, and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my contribution.

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