Fan Fiction

DC Omega: Wonder Woman

Hidden from the world is the island of Themiscyra, home to the Amazons of old, and guardians of the Gateway to Tartarus. Legend tells that should a man set foot on the shores of Themiscyra that the Gateway would fly open, heralding a new dark age on Earth. For thousands of years an immortal sisterhood has watched the Gateway until the present when without explanation the mystic barrier started to crack.

In search of a champion to remedy their plight, Queen Hippolyta determined a competition of skill and speed. From it emerged her daughter, Diana; a child born to Themyscira, sculpted from clay and given life by the goddess Hera. With determination and sorrow Diana left her native land on a quest, never to return again, and in doing so became a heroine to all humanity known as Wonder Woman.

The Path of Warriors
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Wonder Woman + Sailor Moon

A threat to both Themyscira and the Moon Kindom of old re-emerges in the present day. It’s up to two legendary heroes to put things right! But Sailor Moon is powerless in this foe, and their only course of action calls Wonder Woman’s principal into question. Will they endure in one piece? Will the first meeting of two great heroines be a cause for celebration, or heartbreak?

Under the Eye of Planet X
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